1st to 6th December 2019
1st to 6th December 2019


Name of organizing school: Escola Superior d'Hostaleria i Turisme Jesuïtes Sarrià-Sant Ignasi 

Address of organizing school: C/ Carrasco i Formiguera, 32 | 08017 Barcelona | Spain

Jordi Ollé

Director of Vocational and Higher Education
e-mail: jordi.olle@fje.edu
Phone: +34 93 6023000 

Marta Munté 

International Relations Manager Jesuïtes Sarrià-Sant Ignasi
e-mail: marta.munte@fje.edu
Phone: +34 93 6023000 

David Beltran 

Head of the Hospitality and Tourism Area
e-mail: david.beltran@fje.edu
Phone: +34 93 6023000

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The event will be sited at: 

Carrer de Carrasco i Formiguera, 32 | 08017 Barcelona | Spain


The stands will be located in the School's Main Hall, on the ground floor. The organisers are going to provide one stand per each participating Institution. If there are more than one participant school per country, organizers will offer to cooperate on stands. Those participants will be contacted directly by organizer.

Its dimension will be 2m x 2m and will be equipped with the following items:

  1. 1 Electric socket 5A ( European Standard )
  2. 1 table 1,2 x 0,4
  3. 2 chairs
  4. 1 small Christmas tree ( without christmas decoration )


Box with basic equipment for decoration works (scissors, scotch tape, paper towel,... ) will be provide for each delegation.

Please, in the stand, Christmas traditions of your country must be present and why not, it could be interesting to your school some recommendations in accordance with the AEHT guidelines:

  1. … Some hand out sheets with Christmas recipe in English preferably of the dish you are representing in the stand...
  2. … Food and drinks for tasting. Note that alcoholic drinks and spirits will have limitations in distribution for age limit...
  3. … Christmas greeting in your native language and its literal (word-to-word) translation into English...
  4. … What dishes people usually have on Christmas Eve and or Christmas Day...
  5. … Other interesting information associated with Christmas in your country…
  6. … Cover the panels of the stand with cloth, photographs from your country. Is important to avoid commercial posters... 


At least, one of the participants must be dressed in traditional national clothing or Christmas national festive costume (optionally clothing can be displayed at the stand on a tailor’s dummy ( not provided by host school ). Regarding any items that you may need for your stand please contact David Ortega at the following e-mail: david.ortega@fje.edu

During the whole exhibition, various events will take place such as musical performances, traditional dances, Christmas carols, etc… Your participation in all these activities is welcome. 


*Important: In case of accident, destruction, loss, theft,.... of items exhibited in the stands, the organizers will not take any liability on it.
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